A few weekends in May and June this year saw a selected number of ECML diversions via the Joint Line between Werrington Junction and Doncaster. However this time the timetable wasn't as intense as on previous occassions and consequently there was only one electric 'drag' in each direction on the Saturday (I could only make a Sunday, so no drag for me!!). I think the signal boxes on this line days are numbered so decided to head for Scopwick box and crossing between Lincoln and Sleaford for this photo of 1A81 0758 Bradford Interchange - Kings Cross. Grand Central Adalante 180112 provides a nice blend of colours on a lovely sunny Sunday morning.

Hastings Diesels Limited Class 201 6S 'Thumper' DEMU 1001 has been operating railtours since 1996 and is now approaching half a million miles in preservation. Originally built in 1957 and withdrawn by BR in 1986 the 6 car diesel electric multiple unit featured a 4 cylinder English Electric engine rated at 1000bhp supplying current to 2 English Electric traction motors. The leading carriage DMBSO number 60000 seen here has been named Hastings in recognition of the town it worked to. This railtour is the English Electric Echo 1Z45 which ran predictably from Hastings to Boston and Skegness in Lincolnshire on Saturday 18 September 2010 and is seen on the return journey passing Little Steeping a couple of miles south of Firsby curve in appalling light.

Class 153 single unit DMU's are quite commonplace in Lincolnshire and this 250mm zoom shot of 153319 forming 2T48 1349 Grimsby to Newark Northgate East Midlands Trains service was taken at Brocklesby Junction on 22 August 2009. These units were originally built as 2 car Class 155 units by British Leyland in 1987 but were converted from 1991 by Hunslet-Barclay in Kilmarnock, Scotland. As of July 2010 153319 was the first 153 to enter Neville Hill depot in Leeds for a C6 refresh programme. This work included corrosion repair, internal refresh and a cab refurbishment programme. East Midlands Trains inherited many different examples of Class 153 units from Central Trains, National Express, Arriva Trains, and laterly 2 units from Northern.

October 2010 saw the East Coast Main Line between Grantham and Doncaster undergoing extensive engineering work on the overhead line equipment necessitating the diversion of many services via Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln, and Gainsborough. On Saturday 9th First Hull Trains 1A94 the 1119 Hull to Kings Cross trundles along the single track section between Sleaford North Junction (signal box is top left) and Sleaford Station. 180110 looks to have had a birdstrike impact on the nose judging by the blood stains next to the headlight. Apologies for the lower quality of this image but the light conditions were abysmal and this was taken at 800 ISO and required much work with Photoshop and Neat Image!!