The Appeleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society has its headquarters and shed right in the heart of the TATA steelworks in Scunthorpe. I have had the privilidge of attending two brake van trips around the site organised by Freightmaster Online (Fmi) and can thoroughly recommend that everyone should try and get themsleves on one of these trips. This years trip was again hauled by the Peckett steam engine, however this time the engine had only just returned to traffic following boiler repairs and during the refreshment break at the AFRPS shed it sprung a leak! I for one was well chuffed when the organisers decided that the second half of the trip would be hauled by one of the preserved Janus class diesel hydraulic shunters instead.

Skeggy bound inspection saloon 975025 'Caroline' passing one of the few remaining semaphores on the Boston - Skegness line approaching the crossing at Matt Pitts Lane, Wainfleet on 2Z01 hauled by DRS 37409 'Lord Hinton' The saloon was built in 1958 and was originally part of a 6B Hastings Diesel Electric Unit and began life as a TRB (trailer restaurant buffet). It has fully capable driving cabs at both ends and is able to work with various diesel and electric locomotives. By 1999 the saloon had become disused and was eventually moved by road to Derby where it was overhauled by Fragonset Railways and was later returned to use as the inspection saloon with Network Rail

I believe this engineering plant to be a rail grinder and was a surprise when it turned up at Claypole near Newark on 12 June 2010. Enlargement of the image shows the departmental number to be something like DR79280-B, if anyone can confirm the number please e mail me at fishphone75@gmail.com

Please visit the site of the photographer who has given me so much guidance and inspiration over the last few years: Martin Loader at www.hondawanderer.com